Treatments & Styling

Angel Magic Moisture

Angel Magic Moisture – 300ml

“Soothe Your Soul With An Angel’s Touch”

Silky Soul Angel Magic Moisture: A luxurious treatment that delivers a smooth, soft, shiny result every time. It’s lightweight revolutionary formula allows for daily use on wet or dry hair. Use immediately after cleansing and/or conditioning to protect from wet combing, heat styling, colour fade and split ends.

  • Orchid Extract for softer, stronger locks

  • Cehami Extract for sun protection

  • Light illuminators for opalescence

  • Low Sodium & Protein levels to enable use on extensions

*TIP: Ideal for use as a conditioner replacement on fine hair. Apply immediately prior to swimming to avoid sun and/or chlorine damage.


Power Shot Energy Treatment

Power Shot Energy Treatment 50ml

Accelerate your Hair’s repair with liquid shine and smoothness in a bottle! Silky Soul Power Shot Energy Treatment delivers Caffeine and Guarana in an instant energy boost to revive your hair’s soul. Coffee and Guarana have naturally low pH levels allowing for a soft and conditioned feel.

  • Instant results

  • Caffeine and Guarana low pH provide condition

  • Orchid extract to enhance strength

  • Light illuminators for opalescence

*Tip: Don't Drink It, Bathe In It!

Power Shot Energy Treatment

BB Foam Hair Perfector

BB Foam Hair Perfector 180ml

Achieve perfect hair in 1 step with ‘Me & My” MOJO BB Foam, it’s a revolutionary foam with both care and styling to help you achieve perfect hair every time.

Ideal uses for BB Foam:

  1. Heat setting – straightening or curling

  2. Scrunch and go like a sea salt spray, styling cream or mousse to enhance natural curls

  3. Shine like a serum/oil

  4. Up-styles including vintage waves

  5. Moisturizer including heat and UV protection

  6. Round brush blow dry

  7. Create volume through mid-ends

  8. Piecing out

  9. Messy, dishevelled, shaggy styles

  10. Control fringes like a hairspray

  11. Hold layering ( Create different levels of hold by using damp and dry )

  12. Natural looks that stay without the crunch

  13. Men’s light styling

*TIP: Use after “ME & MY” Silky Soul Angel Moisture for a softer hold.


Coco Fusion Masque Treatment

Coco Fusion Masque Treatment 150ml

A weightless cream masque treatment Silky Soul Coco Fusion is infused with cocoa and coconut to smooth and soothe all hair types. Indulge in a chocolate treat for the senses with zero fat!

  • Cacao Bean Extract (cocoa) soothes the senses and aids relaxation, increases elasticity and provides antioxidant properties to help prevent further damage.

  • Coconut Oil softens, smooths and helps repair.

  • Orchid Extract for softer, stronger locks.

  • Cehami Extract for sun protection.

  • Light illuminators for opalescence.

  • Safe to use on extensions.

*TIP: Dry hair a little bit with a towel before applying to ensure an intense long lasting result.


KISSSS Controlling Gloss

KISSSS Controlling Gloss 50ml

“keep it soft, silky, smooth, shiny”

KISSSS Controlling Gloss is a luscious serum ideal for use on wet or dry hair to seal and smooth for a lustrous silky finish with the added benefit of a heat protector.

  • Orchid Extract for softer, stronger locks

  • Light illuminators for opalescence

  • Oil free for weightless results

  • Can be used on extensions

*TIP: Mix with Angel Magic Moisture for an extremely soft, smooth result.