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Dreamy Treatments

Our therapeutic range of treatments care for your damaged hair and also your well-being. We care about the final result but also how you feel during the process – which is why our treatments contain medicinal herbs, extracts and essential oils to make your individual hair therapy the perfect ritual.

Dream K-Lotion

Sealant, protective and hydro-balancing lotion.

The ingredients act to hold water and nutrients into the hair, restoring shine and comb ability. In addition, special UV filters protect hair from environmental damage.


Dream Mask

An intensive mask containing a combination of ingredients including oils and silk sericin, which repair the surface structure of the hair and smooth it. The latest generation of silicones care for damaged hair.


Dream K-Fluid

A combination of active ingredients including keratin, oils, silk proteins, and glycerin nourishes the hair and restructures it to the core. The keratin makes hair more supple & shiny while preserving colour.

Good Society


02 Rich Colour

$25.00 each


Shampoo & Conditioner for coloured hair.
Wasabi, with its anti-oxidant properties, shields the hair from sun rays, chlorine and salt. Melanin: of the essence for colour duration and stability. Guar Flour, Panthenol and Vitamin E: softening, soothing and anti-oxidant properties for the scalp and the hair.

Rich Color has a delicate Poppy aroma: washing and conditioning the hair will be like taking a spring walk through blooming fields.


44 Soft Smoothing

$25.00 each

*44 Soft Smoothing 
It makes the hair smooth and silky: forget frizzy and untameable hair, welcome shine and order!
Chrondus Crispus, a small red seaweed rich in magnesium and zinc, shields the hair with a soothing waterproof film. Jojoba Oil, a precious essence used centuries ago from primitive people, nourishes the hair, making it shine. Vitamin E, a strong anti-oxidant element, protects the hair from atmospheric agents.
Magnolia Rose and Fructos fragrance, a delicious mix of flowers and fruits will embrace you, gently.


78 Everyday

$25.00 each


A creamy shampoo and a light conditioner to hydrate and clean your hair. Daily. 
The sweetness of honey to soften and enliven the hair. The Magic of Aloe Vera to hydrate and protect. The efficacy of Tea Tree Oil to purify. An enveloping Chamomile and Sultana fragrance gives an energetic touch to the start of your day.


30 Perfect Curl Cream

$25.00 each

Defines and conditions curls making them soft, elastic and shiny. It has an efficient protective filter against heat (hairdryers and irons).
Suitable for all kind of drying, perfect to be used with a hair diffuser. Scented with a captivating Exotic Vanilla aroma .