Smoothest Hair in Town

A client asks "DO YOU HAVE KERATIN?"

Yes we do, but usually call it a smoothing treatment.

They are the same same but different, lol. In the past some keratin services have been known for the fines and sometimes fumey procedure, this can happen a little bit with ours but it smells pleasant. Like chocolate I say. 🍫

There is formaldehyde or hidden chemicals which we know can be cancer causing in permanent straightening but we would prefer to offer a softer-safer solution. And just like a semi colour, the closer you do these services together the more it "builds or memorises hair"

Keratin /Smoothing is what we all need to be doing because 90% of clients need smoother, frizz free, healthier hair and we have 2 different smoothing treatments offered.

We call ours a smoother , just a new word for keratin , with many active ingredients that smooth and hydrate because that is what they are designed to do , smooth hair , make it easier to handle, take away frizz, feel fantastic and be humidity proof. And we can just use it as a relaxer, so even if you love your curls but hate the frizz, then this product is for you too

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