InVogue & how we're dealing with Covid-19

Well, what a stressful time it has been for all Australians and everyone worldwide. I'm sure it has touched us all in some way whether financially, job wise or on a more personal level.

But I am here today to have a chat about how we here, at #InVogue Hair, are dealing with the current situation.

Firstly, I got online to learn as much as I could so I could make sure my Family, Staff and Clientele were as safe as we could possibly make them.

I did the Infection Control Training - #Covid-19 training and got 100% on my Certificate. We spaced out our chairs, and have them staggered to ensure the correct social distancing rules. Each and every surface that a client is in contact with gets cleansed after each use. Towels and Capes are always washed after each client as normal. Our door is kept open so there is less contact. Here are some handy tips to follow >>>

The Government has made it's decisions in regards to how #Hair Salons can run and we will follow the directions put upon us. So, let's all practise proper hygiene, respect each others personal space and let's continue to make our community a successful one by supporting local businesses.

We appreciate all your support, phone calls, messages and visits. We hope that each and every one of you are safe and healthy. So let's all help each other through these difficult times, and make sure 2021 is a better year for us all. <3

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