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The hairdresser is at the center of our world: we work for them and with them. We accompany them on the path of beauty: with ideas and suggestions that will allow their client to be the true essence of beauty.

For over 20 years, Artègo has been a trusted partner of thousands of hairdressers around the globe. #Artègo was born in Italy from a diverse group of professionals working in the cosmetic industry. Branching to locations around the globe, Artègo’s presence in Australia and New Zealand is in partnership with the Pellegrino family, directors of Hair #Nature Group – a brand with over 50 years of award-winning success in Australia and New Zealand’s #haircare industry.

Katrina, had the pleasure of being introduced to Artego and the Pelligrino Family early 2017 by Deejay Pelli, the National Educator and #Hairdresser extraordinaire. I feel in love with the Ethics, professionalism and quality of the whole brand.

By mid 2017, I had the opportunity to purchase InVogue Hair Designers in Brisbane. And with that came the news that Artego products would then be jumping on a plane and make their way to a new Sate. With the successful purchase of the Salon, we were then Blessed with the News that InVogue Hair Designers were the 1st Platinum #Ambassador Salon in Queensland.

We are proud and stand behind our products knowing that they come from a company and family that loves the industry and wants only the best for our hair guests.

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Artègo formulates, develops and produces all their products in-house. We know how to inspire the best hairstylists in the business by offering them innovative products and instruments, colors that attract the light and forms that define the moment.

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