Important questions to ask your hairdresser

When you next pay a visit to your local #hairdresser, take the opportunity to speak to your hairdresser and draw on their knowledge and experience. You’ll learn something in the process and your hair will thank you.

Here are just a few Examples....

*What products do you recommend are best for my type of hair?

*What can I do at home to ensure my hair is healthy?

*How frequently should I be washing and conditioning my hair?

*What do you think would make my hair look the best in terms of cut?

*Are certain hair styles better suited with my face shape?

*Would a change of colour enhance my style or look?

*Is there anything I should be doing to maintain my hair colour?

*What can i do to try and encourage my curly hair?

*When you colour your hair, should you use a colour specific shampoo?

*Should you shampoo twice or is this a myth?

*Is it true a cold rinse can make your hair shinier?

About Hairdressers

Appointment Bookings? The best way to secure an appointment today is to call the salon and ask if you can come in. Visit Yellow now to see a list of the top hairdressers in your local area and their contact details. How do I book a hairdresser appointment? Hairdressers generally take bookings on the phone, website or even walk-ins. What services do hairdressers provide? Hairdressers or hair stylists cut, colour and style hair. However, more and more hairdressers are starting to offer services like nail treatments, waxing, tanning and massages in their salons. Are barbers the same as hairdressers? Both men and women can use barbers or hairdressers. Some men prefer to use barbers due to the masculine environment. Most barbers are trained in cutting hair into simple styles and they normally don't colour hair or deal with complicated techniques.

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