Updated: Nov 28, 2019

We, as locals are very proud to support our local businesses and charities when in need. We have supported and attended a few fundraisers for the #Lions Club of Brisbane/MacGregor.

We have sent Vouchers along to other charities such as MacKenzie High School for their #Bingo, Quendo for their amazing work raising awareness & Supporting anyone whose life is affected by the diagnosis of #endometriosis, #adenomyosis and #PCOS.

We love supporting our Local Schools too, So once again a voucher was donated for a lucky winner to receive a #Style Cut and Blowdry from #Wishart Start Public School on #ElectionDay.

Also we helped a little further than usual, but when one of our clients and her family were personally affected how could we say no? OzGeeOm were raising much needed funds after a fire ravadged through a small village in South #Africa, so they got the locals together for a little fundraiser/Winter Ball.




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