Changes need not be Scary

Change is all around us right now, so even if you like your current hair colour, why infuse it with something new. And as we head into the cooler months there is a definite increase in rich warm colours. So, the team InVogue add lighter pops or depth and dimension to your blonde and brunette maines. Colours like #caramel, #honey #blonde, glossy #chocolate brunettes, vibrant reds and golden blonde are proving to be popular while silver blondes are still a hit, just with added violet tones. Team InVogue have also creating more "shadow roots" with blondes and coppers, for a soft and natural lived in look, giving you a softer regrowth. Let us organise a special colour consultation, home hair care plan (including our personalized colour treatment), and an amazing in-salon experience which will leave you feeling like a Queen!


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